You Know, And That


Why the bleep is Khris Davis still in Brevard County?

I’ll make this pretty short. Khris Davis should be in Huntsville.

Here are the total number of qualified batters in the high-A Florida State League with an OPS of greater than 900:

FSL Leaders in OPS

That’s one… two… three guys and the third guy, Brewers farmhand Brock Kjeldgaard, is no longer in the league. He was promoted to the AA club in Huntsville a few weeks ago.

Which means that Khris Davis’ 990 OPS is more than 100 points higher than all but one other qualified batter in the league. He is decimating the baseball in a league where it’s pretty tough to decimate the baseball. The Florida State League is really, really tough on batters. Especially right-handed batters. Khris Davis is right-handed.

Why is he still in Brevard County? I have no idea. Scouts like his bat, even though he’s a little old for the league (he’s 23) to be a true prospect. He doesn’t have a great arm in left field, but he plays there competently. If he was moved to first base (the Brewers already have someone in left field for the foreseeable future), he could probably develop into an above average defender there.

Davis isn’t blocked by anyone in Huntsville. He’s a much better big league hitting prospect than either current Huntsville first bagger Sean Halton or either of the guys (Lee Haydel & Kjeldgaard) that regularly play left field for the Stars.

A common rule of thumb is that it should take college players 1500 minor league plate appearances to get ready for the big leagues, if they’re ever going to get ready and contribute much. Most of those plate appearances should be in AA and AAA. Davis now has 932 collectively dominant pro plate appearances below AA under his belt. He’s well past due for a promotion.

Promote the guy already. Move him to first base. Do something, Reid Nichols. Please?